3 Ways VoIP Simplifies Your Business Phone System

For small business owners looking to make the switch to VoIP, there may still be some clarity needed when it comes to really getting started and getting everything set up. The last thing you want is to be surprised with hidden costs or unexpected obstacles that delay your business. Sometimes, the benefits of VoIP seem too good to be true, but it really is that simple. Considering the difference between new VoIP phone systems and traditional PBX systems, it’s easier to scratch everything you knew about phone systems and start over.

VoIP Eliminates Hardware and Offers Virtual Access through the Web

We often get asked – what do I need to use VoIP? Do I need a box or physical device in my office to make it work? 

The only things you need to use VoIP is Internet and your phone. You could choose to use only cell phones for your entire business phone system, or you could use VoIP phones (which are like regular desk phones that connect to an Internet modem) or a combination of both.

VoIP phone systems are managed entirely on the web, from setting up extensions to recording new menu greetings. There are no physical “boxes” that you need to make the VoIP service work. Starting with browsing for a phone number online (or porting in your existing number) and then adding features and users, the entire design of your phone system is done through the web browser. Once you create users on the website, you can enter the user settings in your VoIP phones (or softphone app on cell phones) to make and receive calls with your VoIP phone number.

VoIP phone systems are location-neutral. You can have one phone system for multiple remote offices and manage them all in a central account online. As far as your phone system is concerned, there’s no difference between the office in another state and the desk sitting right next to you. You can unplug your phones and move them to any location (with Internet), plug them back in and they’ll be working the same as before.

VoIP Minimizes IT Work and Enables Instant Self-Service

It used to be that you had to call your telephone service provider anytime you needed to make a change to your phone system. Hiring a new employee meant having a technician come out to install a phone line and set up a new extension. Just avoiding these wait times is a huge relief.

VoIP phone systems have web-based interfaces that are user friendly and designed for non-programmers. To add an extension, update a phone menu or re-route call forwarding, you can log into the website and make changes that are active instantly.

Even if you have an IT person helping you, the time it will take for them to set up and manage your phone system will be minimal.

VoIP Reduces Costs and Improves Scalability

Minus the hardware, minus the labor, and you’re already saving on initial and ongoing costs of running a business phone system. As you grow, your business might increase the amount of phone numbers, users and minutes used. You can add phone numbers and users online, and also change your plan online if you need more minutes.

With Telzio, there are no contracts, making it flexible to change plans and eliminating any termination fees if you need to cancel a number. The biggest cost-saver is FREE USERS, meaning that you can add extensions for your employees for free. Traditionally, telecom providers sell plans for individual users for each phone you need connected, and charge a monthly fee for each user. Telzio allows you to create free users for your phone system and connect as many phones as you need.

Every Telzio phone plan comes with one phone number and unlimited users, so if you need another phone number you can subscribe to an additional plan. Multiple users can make calls on their phones simultaneously using the same phone number and the same pool of free minutes. Unless you really need a unique phone number for each employee (direct dial lines), you can consolidate your plans and simply use one main phone number and extensions for everyone.

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Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.