BSB Realty Partners Finds Value-Add in Telzio Phone System

With over 13 million square feet of commercial real estate sold, well over $1 billion in value, and $100 million invested, Kurt L. Kaufman forges the strategic and operational path for BSB Realty Partners value-added property investment and management. Kaufman treated the transition to a new cloud phone system with the same discipline and thoughtful approach as with all deals.

Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, the commercial real estate firm extends its comprehensive expertise across the western United States and partners with investors and associates across Europe and Asia. Though based locally, the firm operates seamlessly across disciplines and physical locations.

Mobile Phones Weren’t Enough Anymore

Like all sales professionals who travel frequently, Kaufman’s team relied heavily on their mobile phones for business communication. For the most part, this setup worked fine, but it undoubtedly had its limitations and “fine” wasn’t good enough for a leading real estate firm.

Reluctant About Internet Phone Service

Kaufman was reluctant to implement a new phone system and risk having a bad connection during client conversations or ending up with a system that would be overly-technical and cost-consuming to manage. It wasn’t until he thoroughly tested Telzio and found significantly improved and reliable sound quality that his company fully transitioned to a cloud based phone system.

Telzio’s Value-Add

Telzio improved BSB Realty’s business communications primarily in three areas – mobility, functionality, and scalability.

1. Integration Across Devices

Telzio integrates across mobile devices, computers, and desk phones, so calls and messages are synced and employees can work seamlessly from anywhere. With the mobile app, employees can maintain a professional business line separately from their personal line on the same cell phone. It’s easy to tell when clients are calling through the app, and Telzio’s call forwarding feature makes it easy to customize hunt groups so important calls are never missed.

2. Call Management Features

While BSB focuses on personal client communication versus routing callers through an IVR menu, the dynamic real estate office now has options. Call management features like automated attendants, business hours, call forwarding and call transferring offer a low cost and efficient way to manage calls.

With Telzio’s conferencing feature, employees can easily host conference calls from anywhere. Telzio’s web portal provides an easy and instant way to create conference bridges and configure all features.

3. Scalability

There’s no comparison when measuring up scalability between Telzio and other internet phone systems. The key pricing difference – Telzio offers free unlimited users. That means huge cost savings for growing teams.

Imagine a real estate office with 20 employees. Each agent has a desk phone and a mobile phone, which means you would need 40 users. The traditional SaaS model has you paying $30 to $50 per user, whereas Telzio operates more like a utility company, where you have unlimited users, and you just pay for your usage.

More Real Estate Businesses Following Suit

What BSB Realty has now is a phone system that can scale and adapt to their multifaceted firm across regions, teams, and devices. Kaufman’s forward-thinking proves that real estate offices can be on the cutting edge of technology. As the cloud has become mainstream and a vast portion of businesses across industries have migrated to cloud phone systems, more real estate and service-based businesses are soon to follow.

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.