D-I-Y Business VoIP Phone Systems

Business VoIP phone systems are no longer a mysterious concept for owners who are looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional phone systems. Many small businesses and medium enterprises have adopted hosted VoIP phone systems and cloud-based phone applications that offer features like IVR menus as an efficient tool to make customer communication easier. According to global communication analysts, by 2015 over 66% of North American businesses will be on VoIP based phone lines.

So what makes Telzio so unique? 

Telzio allows you to create your own IVR menu! While other small business phone providers also claim to provide customized services, the Telzio experience is completely one-of-a-kind. Users can build complete business phone systems on Telzio’s cloud-based platform and the whole design process is completely visual, so without any technical knowledge or assistance, you can create your own IVR menu in less than 5 minutes.

Cloud-Based Technology

What does being on the cloud mean to small business owners? When you decide to adopt a new technology like a business VoIP phone system, you want the convenience and productivity it brings. Getting stuck with technical issues is the last thing you want. Using a cloud-based IVR creator frees you from all the technical stuff. What does a PBX mean? What on earth does a server do? Forget about it.

Telzio doesn’t make you spend your time on figuring out how the technology works. With Telzio, you can focus on what you really care about – communication with your customers.

Visual Call Flow Editor

The visual creation process of the IVR menu is a lot of fun. Scholars on technical design say visibility gives users a better conceptual model. Just take a look at everything around you, from smartphones to PDAs. Have you noticed that a visual interface is now a major trend in technical design? The reason is simple. Graphics make things more understandable. For business owners, having a visual IVR menu can help with the efficiency in the flow of their business practices and increase productivity as a result.

Telzio allows technology to grow with your business. As your business grows, it is highly possible that your previous menu will no longer meet your and your customers’ needs. With Telzio, everything, from the entire structure of your IVR menu to a specific action in the call flow is all presented there visually, allowing you to make changes quickly and easily.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.