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How do Affiliate Programs work?

Business Growth

Affiliate programs are performance-based, where affiliates get paid for referring customers through their own marketing efforts. Affiliates can be but are not always customers, and they are not employees.

3/2/2018 9:50:12 PM

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Management

Business Growth

To outsource or not outsource is not a binary decision. In many instances, there is a lot to weigh based on the size of your company, your staff’s expertise, cost savings and the risks involved. Whether you are an IT outsourcing vendor, a small business operator, or a highly technical IT staff member at a company,

9/10/2017 12:09:06 AM

5 Things Slowing Employees Down, and What to Do About it

Business Growth

There are always going to be certain areas that need constant revisiting to keep improving productivity as your business grows. In a small business, employees have the responsibility of wearing multiple hats, which can make it easy to get distracted in the process of keeping it all together and not even realize the time being lost. This extra burden makes it

6/16/2017 11:55:40 PM

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies that Should be on Your Agenda

Business Growth

For over a decade, it's been predicted mobile would eventually overtake desktop usage. You might have slept through that exact moment when it occurred, but most analysts point to the end of 2016. It was at that time, mobile web browsing tallied more traffic than our office and home computers. According to StatCounter: The global mobile

5/18/2017 9:33:54 PM

How Eco-Awareness Benefits Small Business

Business Growth

Taking steps to build eco-awareness into your business product and culture not only keeps you competitive in the eye's of today's millennial workers and customers,  it enables you to reinvest your energy cost savings into other areas of your business. Here are practical ways to implement a sustainability strategy into your small business today to benefit the environment and your

5/2/2017 8:33:00 PM

How Managed IT Startups Find a Profitable Niche

Business Growth

You and your startup have a lot to offer when it comes to providing small businesses with today’s best IT solutions. But the more you look around, you find that so do others. So you pause and question how to invest time and resources in a consulting endeavor steeped in competition. What may be needed at this

4/13/2017 9:33:01 PM

5 Ways to Attract New Clients to Your IT Consulting Business

Business Growth

Attracting new customers is an age-old endeavor for companies of all types and sizes, but with the endless options for self-service applications for every end of business, IT consultants face an increasing challenge to create value for their customers. If no one is knocking down your door to obtain your products or services, could it be because you are

3/28/2017 12:29:50 AM

Why Unified Communications is a Big Deal for SMBs

VoIP Education

Business Growth

Businesses need on-demand collaboration capabilities to drive efficiency. At the core of productive collaboration is effective communication, which is inherently dependent upon immediate and streamlined access to the information, data resources, software applications and remote teams that constitute today’s digital enterprise. At the same time, relying on disparate set of communication endpoints, resources, apps, channels and personnel also

3/16/2017 3:21:21 AM

Choose Software-Defined WAN to Scale Business Growth

VoIP Education

Business Growth

Present-day enterprise IT infrastructure technologies are designed to enable hyperscale disruption by using software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) over traditional WAN technologies. Cloud computing empowers organizations to provision servers and compute highly scalable workloads on demand, while big data technologies help organizations access, store and process an exploding deluge of digital information to deliver actionable insights in real-time

2/23/2017 12:11:19 AM

The Coming of 5G and the Growth of Workplace Mobility

Business Growth

When it happens, the emergence of 5G in 2017 will only contribute to the growth of mobility in the workplace. As our need for data and data usage increases, we will see exponential leaps forward in wireless technologies. With our mobile devices, we have already witnessed four different generations. Currently the most up-to-date mobile networks

2/7/2017 2:45:29 AM

Facebook & Government Engaging with Small Businesses

Business Growth

Is 2017 going to be a banner year for small businesses? What road signs on the digital highway are directing traffic to this important sector of the economy? Perhaps  we have to look no further than the world’s largest global social network and the U.S. government to see what type of journey lies ahead for

1/20/2017 4:40:35 PM