Get Customer Feedback with OwnerListens App

In today’s information age, negative customer feedback shared publicly online can hurt a small business in a big way. That’s why a new mobile app called OwnerListens was made for customers to send private, direct and anonymous feedback to business owners using their mobile devices. The business owner receives the customer feedback via email or SMS and can respond in real time and address any issues before it turns into a negative online review.

How To Get Customer Feedback

OwnerListens is completely free for both business owners and customers. For businesses, first go to to claim your business and input email and mobile phone information to be sent feedback. Businesses can then ask customers to send their honest, anonymous feedback via OwnerListens right from their mobile phones. Once feedback is received, businesses can respond by email or phone and neither information is revealed to the customers. For customers, the app can be downloaded using the Apple app store and all personal information is anonymous to express complaints, suggestions or questions freely.


Benefits of OwnerListens

OwnerListens is like a powerful online suggestion box for restaurants, salons, spas, and all service-based businesses. The mobile feedback app can help prevent negative customer reviews online, create loyal customers and help small business owners learn how to improve customer service. Since business owners can address issues with customer service right away, it makes it less likely that issue will escalate and be scrutinized online later.

The more improvement a business makes based on customer satisfaction, the more customers will see the efforts and become loyal, long-term customers. The OwnerListens app can also help small business owners learn new ways to improve their business and encourage higher levels of employee performance.

OwnerListens provides a way for small businesses to reward customers by providing a text-based coupon code for the customer to use the next time they return. This ensures customers to return and perhaps revoke their negative review and write a new positive review on public review websites instead. All customer users are also entered into contests for 500 dollar weekly sweepstakes so they are encouraged to help owners before they Yelp, Tweet, Facebook or anything that affects a small businesses efforts to improve and grow. It’s important that small business owners build relationships with customers through customer feedback no matter how difficult or time consuming, in order to see what works and what doesn’t to ultimately create the best web image possible.


Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.