How to Block Spam Calls to Your Business

Telzio offers a Spam Call Blocking feature to help prevent unwanted telemarketers and auto-dialers from reaching your business. While there are robocall rules for governing telemarketers when calling consumers, the rules governing B2B telemarketing are much less defined. Consumers can add their number to a Do-Not-Call-Registry, whereas businesses do not have such an option. As such, we’ve implemented a Spam Call Blocker into your Telzio phone system that can be enabled for any of your business phone numbers.

How does Spam Call Blocking work?

Using an automated API system that pulls data about phone numbers, the Telzio system is able to detect how likely a call is to be spam. Based on this Spam likelihood, Telzio then blocks the call from reaching your phone system.

You can enable and disable the Spam Call Blocking feature anytime, so there’s no commitment if you decide to turn off the feature.

To learn how to enable Spam Call Blocking for your Telzio phone numbers, visit our support page here: Spam Call Blocking.

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.