How to Create Users for Making VoIP Calls

How to Create Users for Making VoIP Calls


IP phones and softphones allow you to make VoIP calls. They look like regular phones with standard keypads and can sit on your desk or be installed on your cell phone as an app.

In order to use an IP phone or softphone with your Telzio phone system, you will need to create a user to log in to the device. Creating a user will allow you to make and receive VoIP calls with your Telzio phone number.

Here is a how-to video that takes you through creating a new user. To start, you will need to have an account and a phone number.

You can also see the step-by-step guide on our support page.


With Telzio, creating new users is free, so you can easily add or remove users on your system. Users share minutes under one plan, so this is cost effective if you have some users who don’t use the phone much and don’t need an additional plan with more minutes than they need.

If all the users exceed the number of free minutes allowed in a plan, then you pay the minute rate as indicated on that plan without any overage penalties. While having “unlimited” plans for every user provides a sense of comfort to some, Telzio’s pricing model eliminates paying for unnecessary lines and substantially reduces costs for small businesses.


A user is also an extension. You can have one main line and assign extensions to all your employees. This way you pay for the phone number, and the extensions are free.


Installing a softphone app on your cell phone allows you to make and receive VoIP calls on your mobile device. You can be logged into multiple devices with the same user so you don’t have to log in and out when leaving the office and switching from your desk phone to your mobile phone. When logged into multiple devices, incoming calls will ring all devices at once.


You can manage your users through the Telzio website, where changes are simple and instant, so you don’t have to pay for a technician or deal with contracts.

Jennifer Chen

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