How to Set Up an IP Phone

How to set up an IP phone (both hardware or software) can vary depending on the phone. There are different settings that you can fiddle with, but in most cases they will work right out of the box, just by entering a few things.

Setup guides for specific phone models are available on this blog, and we’ll be adding more soon.


User ID

This is the user ID for the user you created in Telzio’s user interface. Example: JohnDoe30422104657. Do not include “sip:” or “”.


The password you assigned to the user.

SIP port


Display Name

This can be set to anything, and will show up if you make direct calls to other SIP phones.


G711u. Sometimes you can select more than one. Make sure this is the default codec, or the first one the phone will try to use.


Always choose TCP

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