How to Set Up X-lite Softphone for Mac

X-lite is a free softphone made by CounterPath. It enables you to make calls from your Telzio number directly from your computer by downloading the X-lite software application. X-lite is the free version with limited features, while Bria is the paid version. This guide will walk you through setting up X-lite for Mac.

How to Set Up X-lite for Mac

After you’ve created a Telzio user, follow these steps to configure X-lite on a Mac.

Step 1

Download the latest version of X-lite for Mac here.

Step 2

Install X-lite on your Mac and open the program.

Step 3

Click on “Preferences > Account settings” and enter following settings:

– User ID: The username  for the user account you created under “Users” in Telzio.
– Domain:
– Password: The password associated with the user.
– Display name: Your own name.
– Check the “Register with domain and receive calls”.
– Make sure “Send outbound via” is set to “Domain”.

Click on “OK” and close the Preferences window.

For more help with creating users, configuring X-Lite, and making calls with Telzio, visit our support pages or contact us.

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