How Keller Williams Realty Uses VoIP

Real estate teams spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing materials to get a property sold, and Keller Williams Realty branches have set up cloud based office phone systems with Telzio that maximize the return from those dollars.

With every property listing, brochure, and ad is attached a phone number where the next buyer, or seller, is calling in. A broker’s business is based on her ability to communicate with buyers and sellers and their teams, and being able to effectively manage and delegate calls and messages is critical.

Telzio provides cloud based office phone systems for brokers and teams to effortlessly manage their calls and messages from any location. With a flexible internet based service, teams can use phone numbers and call management tools to their advantage and deliver a higher level of professionalism and customer service.

Track Ads and Success Rates

Each property listing and advertisement has a specific phone number that can be tracked and managed through Telzio’s website.

By attaching a unique phone number to each ad,
teams can track its success rate and see
which ads are working best.

Even with multiple ads running and multiple phone numbers to track these ads, teams can route all calls to a single device or to multiple agents. Managers view call history through the website to analyze where most calls are coming from and which ads are most successful.

Telzio offers flexible pay-as-you-go subscriptions for phone numbers, so teams can easily test campaigns and run ads without any commitments or long term costs.

Send Calls to Anyone, Anywhere

Telzio enables flexible call routing to agents and their devices. Managers customize who gets what calls, in what order, and how long the phone rings.

Incoming calls are automatically routed to multiple agents, their desk phones, and their cellphones, so calls are never missed.

Calls can ring all agents at the same time, or in a specific order. These settings can be updated anytime right through Telzio’s website.

Stay Connected with Our Mobile App

Telzio’s mobile app enables agents to work from anywhere while taking their business line with them. With the app, agents can have one or multiple business phone numbers forwarded to their cell phone, and also call out from their business numbers.

Caller ID and Call Screening enable agents to identify where the caller has dialed before they answer, so calls are distinct and clearly organized. Calls and messages are managed in a separate application from personal calls and messages, and the app also comes with a do-not-disturb feature.

Answer incoming calls on the app as seamlessly as you would a normal call with one touch.

Through the mobile app agents can make/receive calls, manage voicemail, send/receive texts, transfer calls, and conduct conference calls.

Manage Services from Anywhere

Anytime teams need to manage phone numbers, settings, and users, they can right through a web browser. Telzio provides complete cloud based office phone systems that are managed entirely through the website. No hardware, programming, or maintenance is needed to set up or manage the system.

Using a cloud based solution such as Telzio enables real estate teams to connect agents with their mobile phones and and also manage office phone services like extensions, voicemail, conferencing, and more. Telzio upgrades businesses from traditional phone systems and local phone service to an internet based service that’s most robust and easier to manage.

Get Reliable Uptime

Telzio has achieved a 100% uptime over the past 12 months, with 0 dropped calls across the board. Not only is our quality clear and reliable, you can always forward calls out to any other phone number if needed.

Sign up for free to start browsing for phone numbers and give our cloud based office phone systems a test run for your real estate office. Just write us on the chat or contact us for a free trial.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.