3 Key features to look for in a VoIP provider

VoIP business phone systems are replacing traditional PBX and becoming more and more popular as the communication solutions for small businesses. Call logs, call screening, call routing……VoIP business phone system providers are including an increasing number of features in their products. Business owners need to have a clear idea about what those features are and how they can bring value to their small business in order to make the right decision on a VoIP provider. Here are three key features businesses should look for when choosing VoIP business phone systems.

Free Number Porting

Yes, almost all service providers today allow users to port their existing number to the system. But not all of them allow you to do it for free. In some cases, porting existing numbers can cost as much as $30/number. In a highly connected world, a change of telephone number can cause much inconvenience for you as well as for your business partners and customers. VoIP is cost effective, but make sure you can have a smooth transition and keep your existing phone number without being overcharged.

IVR Menu

An IVR menu is a professionally automated phone menu that greets your customers and assists callers to find and talk to the right employee or department. An IVR menu allows users to customize greetings, call forwarding options, and actions callers can take at each phase of a call. Some VoIP providers even provide a visual IVR menu, which makes the customization even simpler. Without an easy IVR menu editor, configuring these features could be very complicated and require some technical programming ability. The IVR menu feature and long term editing capability is definitely something to consider.

Device Compatibility

Conventionally, using VoIP means the user needs to sit in front of a computer, wear a headphone and talk into a mic. Today, users are no longer satisfied with that. They want VoIP accessible from all kinds of devices from desktop phones to tablets. Business on-the-go requires communication on-the-go. As a result, device compatibility has been a dimension of VoIP valued by more and more business users. A good VoIP service provides users a seamless communication experience by allowing them to access the service via various platforms such as IP phones, computer-based software and apps on smartphones and tablets.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.