Limited Toll Free 800 Numbers Now Available

Telzio recently added a batch of prime toll free 800 numbers – the widely recognized and highly coveted, original toll free prefix. Customers can now browse and register 800 numbers instantly in the dashboard.

What makes a phone number more valuable?

If it’s easy to remember and improves your effectiveness in reaching customers and vice versa, it’s a value to your business and brand.

A good phone number is like a good domain. Think of it this way – an 800 number is like having a .com address. An 844 or 866 number is like settling for .net because .com was already taken.

The first 800 number was created in 1966. The term “800 number” has become synonymous with “toll free number”. An 800 number attached to your business gives it an established and trustworthy perception.

Toll free 800 numbers are limited and don’t change hands very often. Technically there’s no such thing as a “new” 800 number because they just don’t make them anymore, but they occasionally become available – and we got ’em!

Registering an 800-Number

Telzio has made the phone numbers available in our toll free number inventory, where you can browse and register toll free 800 numbers for your business.

While Telzio has no setup fees for standard phone numbers, the current inventory of 800 numbers do come with an initial setup fee given their limited availability and cost to acquire.

Like with all phone numbers purchased through Telzio, toll free 800 numbers are owned by you/your business, and can’t be held hostage by any carrier. Telzio simply hosts your phone numbers and provides you with the service and functionality you need to run your business phone system.

Telzio Business Phone Systems

Whether you’re reserving a phone number for your startup or scaling up your business, Telzio keeps it flexible by allowing you to change your plan anytime and add users at no additional cost.

With unlimited users, you can have one main phone number, and all employees can have an extension behind that number. On top of that, all users can simultaneously be making calls. It’s the future!

Telzio’s internet based phone systems provide businesses and distributed workforces all around the world with high definition call quality and streamlined business communication tools.

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Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.