An Overview of Managing Your Telzio Phone System

Managing your phone system with Telzio is 100% web-based, so what you need is a computer and Internet connection.

Our goal is to make the system as seamless as possible to save you time and money. Whether it’s checking a message or adding a new user, everything can be done through the website with a few clicks.

There are seven main pages accessible from the top menu bar to guide you through your phone system.

This video walks you through the website and how you can manage your phone system completely online.


The dashboard gives you an overview of your current balance, existing phone numbers, call flows, and quick access to your most recent text messages, calls, voicemails and call recordings.

This is where you’ll land when you first log into the website, and also where you go to create and manage your call flows.

Call flows are essentially the design of your phone system and what you want to happen when someone calls your business. You can design and modify your call flows by clicking on the features you want, and any changes you make are live instantly.


The numbers page is where you go to manage your phone numbers. Here you can find all your existing and cancelled phone numbers.

This is where you go to set the call destinations for your numbers. You can send calls straight to a voicemail, another phone number, a user (device/deskphone) or to a call flow. Once you create a call flow in the dashboard, you can come back to the numbers page and select that call flow as the destination.


The users page is where you create and manage all your users. You need users to set up phones and extensions for all your employees.

Creating a user will give you login settings to connect to an IP phone or softphone app so you can make and receive calls with your Telzio phone number.

Here you can manage unique settings for each user like which one of your Telzio numbers you want that user to dial from (and show up as their caller ID), the type of hold music the caller hears while waiting to be connected, where unanswered calls should be sent (voicemail, another user, a call flow), and their three-digit extension.

To help you stay organized if you have multiple offices or departments, you can create groups for your users.


The log page is where you can look up and download call logs as an excel spreadsheet. You can select the phone number and the dates, and from there you can export the data.


The get number page is where you go to buy a new phone number, or port in your existing phone number from another carrier.

Currently we offer phone numbers from 50 countries, and here you can browse the countries and their prices.

To port (transfer) your existing phone number to Telzio, click on Port Number on the Get Number page and follow the instructions. You will need to upload a statement and release form to authorize the transfer. From there we will submit the port request to your carrier, and you will receive an email notifying you of the transfer date.


Our support page contains documentation and videos about setting up features and other commonly asked questions. If you are looking for an answer that you don’t find here, please let us know at


The account page is where you can edit your profile information, change your password, edit billing options, and see your statement.

This is where you go to activate auto-recharge, so if your balance dips below a certain threshold it will automatically make another deposit (of an amount you set) so you won’t experience any downtime.

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.