How Hispanic Federation Set up a Phonebank with Telzio

How Hispanic Federation Set up a Phonebank with Telzio

As the November 2020 election looms on the horizon, the Hispanic Federation is leveraging Telzio and nearly 600 volunteers to empower voters across the country. The 30-year old nonprofit is using the Telzio platform to carry out phonebanks and engage the community via telethons, voter registration hotlines, text messages, and cold calls. Within a few months, the voter hotline has run over 100,000 calls through Telzio. The service has been so successful in helping them execute their mission, that the HF team also brought their partner organization Mi Familia Vota over to Telzio to take advantage of the virtual phone system. 

Leveraging Telzio's Virtual Hotline Services 

A big task calls for more hands-on-deck, and the Telzio platform has been invaluable in meeting the high-volume, nationwide demands. Utilizing Call Queues, Telzio hotlines are able to connect tens of thousands of callers dialing in during televised events, and route them to phonebank staff who are working remotely from all over the country. With so many callers, the ability to quickly onboard staff became vital. 

With Telzio, the organizations are able to easily and instantly add users at no extra cost, enabling them to expand their capacity of phonebank staff without spending additional funding. This unique and scalable pricing model for virtual phone services has led to a rapid outreach expansion and an all-in effort of encouraging low-propensity voters to make the vote. Not only is adding users free with Telzio, but it's also done in seconds. 

In addition, both teams have been able to keep better track of callers using Telzio’s Tag Call Log feature. An identifier placed for each caller so that campaign administrators are informed of regions or communities of interest. Using Telzio has allowed for a transition from traditional field operations to a more digital approach, by harnessing remote working tools like the Telzio Mobile App and multi-language phone menu options for Spanish callers. What's more, they went from initial contact with Telzio to launch within a matter of weeks. 

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Thoughts from the Organizers 

Leaders of Hispanic Federation offered their thoughts on using Telzio services for a voter hotline.

What is your role at the organization?

Eduardo Sainz, Arizona State Director
Omar Madero, Arizona State Field Director
Yaraneth Marin, Arizona State Political Director
Ulises Ventura, Phoenix Coordinator


What need are you serving in your community that brought you to look for Telzio? 

We are a national nonprofit organization that engages the community through year-round voter engagement. We are running an aggressive online voter registration campaign to identify low propensity voters and assist individuals with questions regarding their voting status, and important deadlines. We are engaging in these activities through cold calls, a voter registration hotline, digital messaging, and text banks.    


What were your biggest challenges prior to Telzio? 

Our biggest challenge has been transitioning from field operations to a digital approach. Telzio helps us be successful in meeting our goals, receiving calls from our community, and efficiently communicating with our team and voters statewide. 


How has Telzio improved your ability to serve your community?

Telzio allows us to maximize our capacity when reaching out to low propensity voters and allows us to be a leading organization for information, deadlines, and support. 


Would you recommend Telzio to other nonprofits?

Yes, we would recommend Telzio!

Registering 350,000 Voters and Counting

Latino voters are part of the youngest and fastest-growing electorate in the United States. In 2020, a projected 32 million are expected to be eligible to vote. Hispanic Federation and Mi Familia Vota have partnered together in helping rally and educate the Latino community.

Over the past two decades, more than 350,000 Latinos have received help from the Hispanic Federation in getting registered to vote. These are record-breaking numbers, but only impactful if the community turns out to vote on Election Day. That’s why in 2012, Hispanic Federation started the Movimiento Hispano campaign which sought to increase Latino voter turnout in 25 states.

Since then they have mobilized several thousands of individuals in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Connecticut. Hispanic Federation's success derives from its depth of relationships between grassroots and grasstops stakeholders. This understanding of effectiveness in strong bonds across all verticals led Hispanic Federation to team up with Mi Familia Vota.

Mi Familia Vota is a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Their vision is to spur low-propensity voters into action in cities where Latino communities are underrepresented. As voter suppression remains a persistent threat, Mi Familia Vota works tirelessly to educate and allow Latino voters around the nation to head to the polls free of intimidation.

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