Premium Phone Numbers Are Part of Your Brand

Did you know the most expensive phone number 666-6666 sold for $2.6 million? Some businesses base their marketing around their phone numbers, like the phone numbers you see on the side of taxis, billboards and infomercials.

Premium Phone Numbers Make You Stand Out

One phone number faux pas is using personal phone numbers for business, especially if it’s from a different area code than where you’re doing business. There are a million different agencies out there to compete with, so why let details slip through the cracks? You wouldn’t have all your agents use their personal emails, and you wouldn’t use a .uk if your business was in the US.

Having a premium phone number is like having a premium website domain or zip code.

It’s all about your presence and your brand. Premium phone numbers make your business memorable and easy to reach.

Memorable Phone Numbers are Best

What are good phone numbers? Repetitive digits or vanity numbers are easy to remember. Vanity numbers spell out a word on the keypad like 1800-Flowers. Alternative to a vanity number, repetitive digits are ideal because they’re easier to dial. Who can see those tiny letters anyway?

Telzio offers local, toll free, and international phone numbers. Browse our list of over 50 countries.

You can always contact us and we can help you find the number you want, whether it’s a vanity toll free number or a great local number.

Phone Numbers are Business Assets

According to the FCC’s number portability rules, you own your wireless, wireline and VoIP phone numbers and you can port it to any carrier you want. No carrier can keep your phone number hostage!

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Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.