Professional Voice Talent for $5

The first thing customers hear when they call a big company is usually a friendly greeting, followed by some options for directing the call to the right department.

It’s no secret that you can do the exact same thing with Telzio, but how do you get that greeting to sound professional? You hire a voice over talent, right?

If you’ve searched for voice over talents on the internet, you’ve probably also noticed that it isn’t cheap. Most professional voice over talents easily charge up to $300 for a single speak for an IVR menu.

I paid an insane amount of money for the speaks on the first phone system I made, but recently I discovered a webpage called That was a game changer!

The concept of Fiverr is that you can buy a lot of different services from random people all over the world – all of them for only $5. But be careful – the page is highly addictive!

As I was browsing around on Fiverr, I came across this section with voice over talents – and there are hundreds of them. Some of them are actually very professional, and they deliver in only a day or two. I’ve collected some of the ones I think are best, and included some links to their services here.

Spblat – Great calm American voice.

GreatVoiceOver – Professional commercial sounding American male voice

Jamescott – Adult American male voice over. 

Reddrorhocs – Great British female voice.

Songnet – Adult British voice over. 

Kiffinyjean – Commercial sounding American female voiceover

ActressEllen – Great American female voice over talent

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