Set up a Complete Home Office for $1,000

You have a total budget of $1,000 to set up a home office for your new business.

What do you need and where you do shop to pull off a comfortable and functional work space on a small budget?

Here are 5 places where you can find everything you need to set up a complete home office.


If you know how to use a screwdriver, you can save quite a bit of money putting together your own office furniture. With so many different options, you can choose the right style to match your office.

Desk & Chair… $180


Look for a used or refurbished computer on sites like eBay where you can save over 50% on an iMac in brand new condition.

iMac… $500


Shop at ease for various office supplies and get free 2-day shipping on many products when you sign up for Amazon Prime. Whatever you can think of, you can find it on Amazon. 

Whiteboard + Printer + Office Supplies… $100


Visit a discount retailer in person to select some decor for your home office. Make sure your office reflects your personality, so you can be proud to host client meetings in your home. A simple rug on a hard floor or a functional cabinet that’s also an accent piece will make a huge difference.

Rug + Filing Cabinet… $120

Finish the look of your office by adding color to the walls. Browse online for art that speaks to you and represents your company culture. has the most comprehensive collection of art for sale online. 

 2 Framed Paintings… $100

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