Small Business Never Felt So Big Until VoIP

Small-to-midsize businesses [SMBs] have been transitioning to VoIP services from their old POT systems for some time now. Why? Sense-wise and cents-wise getting more for less and appearing bigger than you really are two of the primary motivators.

With VoIP, SMBs gain access to features that direct calls at specific times of the day to specific staff members, offer 800-phone lines, allows for conference calling, performs receptionists duties, and can power customer call centers. These are just a handful of all the bundled services that makes a VoIP telecom network a no-brainer for small business in the year 2016.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key features offered by Telzio with their cloud-based, small business VoIP service, specifically geared for SMB owners and their employees.

Call Forwarding: Like a big business, SMBs can send incoming calls to multiple departments and configure hunt groups to reach users on any phone line, whether it is internal, external, cell phone, softphone or one that’s connected to your desktop computer.

Benefit: Unlimited channels, which means callers never get a busy signal.

Conference Calls: Telzio enables you to host an unlimited number of participants on Conference Calls from any location. Employees can dial in for free, making it easy and cost effective to host regular conference meetings with remote teams.

Benefit: Telzio’s conference call lines are available for any local, toll-free or international phone number.

Hold Music: With Telzio, there’s a variety of hold music to choose from and you can even select different styles for different departments.

Call Recording: It’s convenient to be able to record calls where appropriate and without having to install extra hardware or software to do so. However it’s basic etiquette to make sure the other party knows that you’re recording a conversation.

Benefit: You can instantly activate or de-activate call recording when needed.

Extensions: Create extensions so callers can reach your employees. This feature lets you easily call and transfer calls to other users in your organization.

Benefit: With Telzio your company gets unlimited extensions, which means you can add Users to your phone system at no additional cost.

IVR Menus: Configure IVR menus as a simple auto-attendant or with multiple menu levels to greet and route callers to the right place.

Thank you for calling the Smith Co. For sales, press 1, for customer service, press 2….

Benefit: Receptionists are becoming increasingly rare, especially in small businesses. Handling incoming calls that are actually for other people is time consuming and means frequent interruptions. An auto attendant gets callers to the right person more quickly, and reduces the number of calls that may otherwise go to an operator.

Call Flows: Create custom Call Flows to route incoming calls using a variety of professional features such as business hours, IVR menus, call forwarding, conference calls, voicemails and business hours.

Benefit: With Telzio, in addition to having unlimited call flows per account, the system provides an intuitive overview of how call flows can work for your company.

Number Porting: Keep your current phone number and set up a call flow so you don’t experience any downtime when the number ports.

Benefit: With this feature, you can keep your existing phone number and preconfigure you services ahead of time.

Opening Hours Filters: Set business hours to change the direction of calls when you’re not available. This is particularly useful when you’re open or closed, or when international staff members in the Eastern Hemisphere can take over for those in the West.

Benefit: SMBs can set up unlimited filters for each phone number, so you can adjust, modify or change various hours for different locations, departments and employees.

Fax: Send and receive fax with a virtual fax number – no hardware required, and route incoming fax to any email address.

Benefit: This is particularly useful for storing and managing all of your faxes online versus using separate hardware.

SMS: Send and receive text messages on your business phone from any country in the world using Telzio’s free Mobile App, in addition to sending and receiving text messages on IP phones.

Benefit: Low global pricing.

Call Screening: Identify callers before you respond. With Telzio, you can also activate the screening feature so your agents get an announcement before responding to an incoming call.

Benefit: Prioritizes calls so you can respond accordingly.

While appearances matter . . .

While appearances matter – particularly for a small company that is appealing to similar target audiences as large businesses – more important is how these services benefit one’s operation. The services bundled in a business VoIP service like Telzio can help you and your staff become more efficient, productive and competitive. While providing an SMB the appearance of being bigger than they are, it also delivers on making your company function bigger as well – without complex provisioning, contracts, termination fees, or long term licensing agreements.

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Ron is part of the marketing team at Telzio, covering everything from tips and tech for growing businesses to customer success stories for the Telzio blog.