4 Small Business Phone Systems With VoIP

Nowadays more and more businesses are adopting VoIP phone systems to cut their costs on communication tools and enhance the client experience. Although the potential of a VoIP phone system has long been recognized, many business owners are still having some concerns when they are deciding whether to adopt it. How is the service priced? Is it really a cost-cutting solution? What features other than forwarding calls does it provide? Is it difficult to set up?

Comparing Small Business Phone Systems

To make the most of the technology, businesses owners need to be clear about all these things. Here is a comparison of four business phone system providers on their pricing and setup process.


telzio logoTelzio provides standard and toll free numbers from over 50 countries, and every phone number includes a complete business phone system. Telzio offers three monthly plans starting from $1/month for their Startup plan to $29.99/month for the Pro plan which includes 2000 free minutes.

All plans include all professional features at no extra cost, including IVR menus, unlimited conference calls, unlimited extensions, and unlimited call recording.

Setting up is easy because Telzio has a unique do-it-yourself platform that allows any non-technical person to design, manage and edit all professional phone features. You won’t need to contact a specialist or get technical support because the entire phone system is completely self-manageable through the account dashboard. You can connect as many IP phones as you need to at no extra cost.

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toll free forwardingWith TollFreeForwarding, callers in 110 countries and regions around the world can reach you at no cost to them. The provider has three service plans for its customers to select. Each plan has two versions. The plans start from 100 minutes call time for $9/month to the 5000 minute plan for $159/month. If users need more than 5000 minutes, they can negotiate a customized plan with the provider. Additional minutes will be charged from 3.5¢ to 6¢.

IVR menus, Voice2Email and Fax2Email features are included in all these plans.  More features can be added such as number porting for $40 each and call recording for an additional $7/month + 3¢/min.

Users don’t need to worry about the maintenance and upgrade of PBX equipment. Setting up, updating and adding PBX features can be done through the Online Control Center. If users do not have Internet access or don’t want to bother setting things up by themselves, the service provider can help them with the initial setup for $100. Any future change will be free of charge.

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virtualpbxVirtualPBX provides VoIP for business and enterprise users. The service fees are based on the number of line users rather than how many minutes are used. The complete VoIP-based plans start from one line for $33.99/month to 100 lines for $18.99/month.

All plans provide unlimited local/outbound talking time, 1000 minutes of online conferencing time and free call recording. To get these features, customers need to sign a 2-year contract or make an annual payment to the provider. A unique offer VirtualPBX features is free IP phones! The more lines are used, the more IP phones VirtualPBX will provide. Additional features can also be included such as number porting for $25 each and adding a toll free number for $30.

Setting up and adding lines are not complicated. If customers are using the free IP phones VirtualPBX provides, setting up is as simple as connecting the devices to the Internet. Its Web-based Management System makes adding IP phones an easy task as well. No setup fees will be charged. However, VirtualPBX does not provide the IVR menu feature in its management system. Users need to contact the provider’s technicians to configure more advanced features.

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oneboxOne box, one solution. Instead of making users painstakingly trade off between lower costs and more features, the service packages of Onebox include more features such as call recording, Voicemail/Fax2email, texting, call routing and call tree management in one single plan. Sign up its Virtual Receptionist plan to get all features.

Service fees vary with the talking minutes and available extensions, ranging from $49.95 to $199.95. Onebox treats toll free numbers and local numbers indiscriminately. No additional fees are charged for toll free numbers. Another unique value-added service Onebox provides is the Live Receptionist Service. With this feature, a real person rather than a pre-recorded voice will greet your clients and help them reach the persons or department they want to talk to.

Setting up is cost free and no long-term contract is required. Users can create call trees using the Auto Attendant system. Since it is equipped with an extension system, existing contacts can bypass greeting menus to go directly to their desired extension number.

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Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.