SMBs Do More With Less, With Telzio’s VoIP Solution

Budgets are small. You need to cut costs to increase your margins. Doing more with less is often a daunting task for an SMB owner. You can do ‘cost/benefit analyses’ until the cows come home, but you also have to seize each day to reach your sales goals. So spending too much time on self-reflection and analysis isn’t always in the cards.

Tired Paradox

On the tech side of the equation, it’s that dilemma of trying to ‘do more with less’ that plagues many a small business — particularly when this paradox translates into less opportunity to take advantage of many of the new technological enhancements coming down the pike.

However, when it comes to telecom services, over the course of the last decade SMBs have learned they can virtually buck that trend — that is, they can now get the most for the least.

In fact, many CIOs of small firms have gravitated to Internet-based phone system solutions to accomplish this. It’s with this technology, service companies such as Telzio can extend and feature a robust bundle of services to create a communication system that addresses today’s fast-paced business environment.

Telzio’s upgrades provide SMBs more

Telzio’s upgrades provide SMBs more for no additional cost. From click-to-call webphone integration with VTiger CRM to a hands-free integration with Amazon’s Echo and virtual assistant Alexa to the master-app Zapier that interfaces via Telzio to all your other apps, Telzio keeps upgrading services at no additional cost for its SMB clientele.


Telzio’s mobile app is free to download at the Apple App Store and Google Play. All existing Telzio customers have to do is update their current app and sign in using their same username and password to gain access, with no additional steps necessary.

Cloudy Forecast is not costly 

While SMB owners were initially skeptical to transition to the cloud because of perceived higher costs, with an Internet-based phone system that’s also cloud-based, this is not the case. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Today, there are several cloud VoIP providers, where the market has come of age. Schrøder believes there’s a major difference between VoIP companies that are cloud based and those, which are not.

“Mainly, because the technology progresses so fast, that the hardware system these providers bought 5 years ago, are far behind the capabilities of what we can do with 100% software based systems today. Their big problem is, that they are locked in to 10 year license agreements with the hardware system vendors, so they can’t just migrate to an all cloud based solution from one day to another,” notes Schrøder

“Telzio is a lot more nimble when it comes to that, and that’s what gives us a huge advance, and allows us to provide superior quality with a price lower than our competitors,” he adds.

Doing more with less

So, overall the wise bet is switching from a legacy phone system or POT, to that which is Internet-based. The savings on hardware and installation alone are significant enough to make this move. But also using a system like Telzio allows users to call anywhere, even internationally at no additional charge, and provides them with a bundled service of options that didn’t even exist just a few years ago.

For a subscription cost as low as $1 per month, Telzio’s strength is that you don’t have to pay for additional users or extensions, and the set up doesn’t require the need for costly third-party IT folks.. Telzio has really brought small business VoIP solutions up to date in terms of ease-of-use, scalability and affordability. Doing more with less never felt so good!

Ron is part of the marketing team at Telzio, covering everything from tips and tech for growing businesses to customer success stories for the Telzio blog.