Add an Announcement for Your Callers

IVR menus are an automated way to direct callers to the right destination, but you can also use the IVR menu as a method to deliver a special message to your callers. You may want to include an announcement at the start of a call then immediately send the call to your phone, without giving the caller options to dial on their keypad. This way callers hear the message right when they dial in and then it automatically starts ringing the phones you have designated.

You can customize the greeting for your callers by adding an IVR menu to the start of your call flow or as an option from a previous IVR menu.

To use the menu greeting as an announcement and not as IVR instructions, follow these steps:

1. Add the IVR menu action to the desired part of your call flow

2. Record the message you want callers to hear

3. Click on “Advanced”

4. Set “Timeout” to 1 second (this is the amount of time the caller would have to dial an option)

5. Enable the “Timeout Action” by checking the box (this sends the caller to the next action after the timeout)

6. Set “Repeat Instructions” to 0 times

7. Hit “Save” and you will see a new leg in the call flow for you to add another action once the message is played to the caller

8. Add a Forward Call action or other desired action to complete your call flow

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