Tip Tuesday: Use a Softphone App to Save on Calls

What happens if you forward calls on your business number out to a cell phone number? That counts as both an inbound and outbound call, essentially costing you double the minutes.

Instead, you can download our free mobile app to make and receive calls with your Telzio number on your mobile phone, separate from your personal line.

Softphones work on mobile devices and computers, and is basically a virtual telephone. Telzio has a free softphone app for iPhone and Android, and it works similar to an IP phone with features like:

  • call transferring
  • free internal calling between extensions
  • caller ID
  • call recording
  • separate voicemail
  • call logs


Calling on the softphone app uses minutes the same way as other VoIP-enabled devices, like IP phones. If someone calls your business number, it counts as one inbound minute as soon as the caller reaches your menu, a person or voicemail.

Try It Out

Using the softphone app will not only save you on calls and ultimately cost, but it gives you other benefits like enabling employees to call out from the business number and having a separate business voicemail and extension. You can also call other extensions for free – calling internally does not use up any minutes.

Visit Telzio.com/app to learn more and get started.

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.