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Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.

Toll Free Hotline Service for Travis Scott Music Promo Powered by Telzio

June 6, 2016

Last week, Billboard-topping hip-hop artist Travis Scott used Telzio to set up a toll free hotline to promote the release of his new song.

After sharing the hotline number with his 2 million Instagram followers and 753,000 Twitter followers, the rapper had at one point over 12,000 people calling into the hotline. Within the first few hours, the tweet had 3,532 retweets and 5,657 likes.

The Promo

Callers dialing into the hotline would hear the Travis Scott’s new song Pick Up The Phone before it was released on iTunes, and occasionally, a caller would get through and get to speak to the artist. One fan tweeted a recording of his conversation with the artist, which was then retweeted by the artist, getting 1,853 likes and 804 retweets. Even through the iPhone recording, the sound on the call was clear.

Comments on Travis Scott’s Twitter page show fans posting screenshots of their phone showing how they called the hotline number up to 200 times in hopes of speaking to the artist. Despite the surges, Telzio’s system held up and performed exactly as desired.

Setting up the Hotline

The artist’s manager wrote us on the chat a few days before the song’s release to request a vanity toll free number, and we were able to get the number for him instantly. Within minutes, they were able to get the hotline set up and running smoothly right through Telzio’s website.

Prerecorded Message

With Telzio’s IVR menu feature, they uploaded the song file directly through the Telzio dashboard and could immediately call the number to hear the song playing.

Call Forwarding

With Telzio’s call forwarding feature, calls could be routed to the artist’s cell phone, where he could occasionally pick up calls and have a conversation with a lucky and excited fan.

Call Recording

Telzio’s call recording feature makes it possible for the artist’s team to access material for promos and sharing. Through the call log, they’ll continue to have access even after the campaign ends.

Call Flows

They received so many more calls than expected, that after a few days they wanted to begin teetering down incoming calls. With Telzio’s call flows, they are able to easily switch between setups, either sending callers directly to the song or letting callers in through to Travis Scott’s phone.