VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

It’s been about a month since we launched Telzio, and I thought I’d write a little about how we got to this point and what Telzio is all about.

Hosted web applications and cloud-based technologies provide critical solutions for small businesses. It’s all about giving individuals the power to create, improve, and share on a more efficient level. More and more, small businesses are gaining a fighting chance to grow and compete against big businesses and corporations with the use of these modern solutions. We want Telzio to lead the movement in the evolving telecom space and be the answer to small businesses around the world.

Getting Started

While working on a different project early this year, our Founder, Peter found himself looking for an easy phone solution for setting up an IVR menu. There was nothing available that was user friendly and budget friendly for what he needed, so Peter set out to fill this void by developing a system that would be super easy to use.

For several months during what was probably Denmark’s coldest winter ever, Peter coded and coded through countless snowy nights.

VoIP Phone Systems

The red chair where Telzio was made…

In April 2013, just as the first of the spring sun started to surface and a glimpse of what would eventually become Telzio, the first beta version was released under the name IVR Buddy. The design and usability of the interface in IVR Buddy was so unique and simply awesome that we had to share it with the world, because it meant an affordable and effective way for small business owners to be more competitive by sounding like a big business. In August 2013, after 8 months of planning, coding, testing, and more coding, Telzio, Inc. was born.

Since launching last month, the tremendous amount of positive feedback we’ve received from entrepreneurs and small business owners has exceeded our expectations. The best part of the journey thus far has definitely been seeing customers get excited about the features and actively use the system. We are constantly chatting with new users and seeing new customers sign up everyday, and we’re obsessed with how we can continue to make Telzio better for our customers.

Looking Ahead

Telzio is unique for two primary reasons – its do-it-yourself capability and its depth of features. Our goal is to make VoIP phone systems accessible to small business lacking in-house technical staff and/or a big budget.

1) Telzio has a visual, click-and-drag interface like no other provider that allows non-technical users to easily design and manage complete phone systems directly through the website; and

2) Telzio offers more comprehensive features for growing businesses and convenient, all-inclusive pricing where all features are included with a phone number.

The simplicity of the interface makes it super easy for anyone without technical skills to set up a phone system. Telzio was designed with Peter’s 80-year old grandmother in mind. We wanted to make it so easy to use, anyone could set up a complete, professional phone system in under 5 minutes.

In the past, business owners would pay a professional programmer to build a custom phone system on an on-premise server. Telzio allows even non-tech-savvy users to set up their own customized, cloud-based phone system directly from their own computers.

With more features planned like our iPhone and Android apps, it’s non-stop over here at the Telzio workspace. We’ve grown our team in Los Angeles and Denmark, including our 2 resident dogs.

Besides happy customers, there’s nothing we love more than hearing your suggestions and feedback for improvements, new features, or just to say hi. Email us at hi@telzio.com and either Peter or I will be sure to respond to it as soon as we can.

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Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.