Call Log

Retuning a list of calls from your call log. You can filter these to only show a specific phone number. Newest calls are presented first. A maximum of 20 calls are returned, but paging can be utilized with the Offset parameter.



Parameter Type Description
Number int Filters the list based on a specific phone number in your account. Must be written with the country code but without “+”. Example: 18889989080
Offset int Requests the list starting from the offset value.
MaxResults int Sets the max number of results to return per page.
Defaults to 20.
Direction string Can be either inbound or outbound
FromDate datetime Filters all calls from this date. Example: 2015-11-01
ToDate datetime Filters all calls up to this date. Example: 2015-11-01


	"Count": 1,
	"TotalCount": 1,
	"Offset": 0,
	"MaxResults": 20,
	"Calls": [
			"CallUUID": "89baeb20-fd6c-42fb-9ad4-1b540f53ed97",
			"Status": "completed",
			"Direction": "inbound",
			"From": "+1 888-998-9080",
			"To": "+1 555-777-9999",
			"HangupCause": "NORMAL_CLEARING",
			"Started": "2015-11-05T15:02:03.45",
			"Duration": "00:00:07",
			"BilledDuration": "00:01:00"