Not all users are created equal.

Everyone needs a phone but not everyone uses it, so why pay per user?
Telzio enables you to add as many users to your phone system as you need, at no extra cost.
Companies save 30% on average with our unlimited phone extensions.

Example of a list of users with extensions.

What can I do with Telzio’s Phone Extensions?

  • Add unlimited extensions to your phone system
    at no extra cost.
  • Enable employees to use their extensions in any location.
  • Edit and remove business phone extensions anytime through the Telzio Dashboard.
  • Customize hold music, voicemail greetings, and administrative permissions.
  • Automate routing to send incoming calls and text messages to extensions in any location.

Everyone gets a phone extension!

Extensions are an important part of every phone system for companies with multiple employees. Extensions enable callers to reach your employees directly and through a Phone Menu or Call Queue. You can set up Groups, so that incoming calls get routed to an entire department.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Voicemail included with Extensions?
    Yes! Every Extension comes with its own voicemail that can be managed on the employee's device and through the Telzio Dashboard.
  • Can I forward calls to a group of Extensions at the same time?
    Yes! You can route calls to a group of extensions to ring in a specific order, or simultaneously so the first one to pick up gets the call.

Business Phone System Features Overview