Send and receive fax with a virtual fax number - no hardware required.


  • Get a dedicated fax number for your business
  • Receive fax as PDF attached to an email - no hardware needed
  • Send any document as fax through the Telzio website
  • Send one-time fax from Telzio's no-reply fax number
  • Route incoming fax to any email address
  • Low rates for faxing internationally


  • No hardware required
  • Get your own dedicated fax number
  • Send any document as fax
  • Store and manage all your faxes online

Frequently Asked Questions About Fax

How do I send a fax?

After logging in to Telzio, click on "Fax" in the top menu. Enter the number you want to send a fax to and select the document to send on your computer. If you have one or more fax numbers, you can select which one to send from.

How do I receive fax?

After purchasing a fax number, you can enter which email address you want to receive faxes on. Incoming faxes will be sent to your email as a PDF file.

Can I receive fax on my regular number?

No, receiving fax requires a dedicated fax number. You can purchase a fax number by clicking on "Get Number" in the menu, or your can port in your existing number for free.

Can I send without a fax number?

Yes, you can send faxes from Telzio's no-reply number. The price per page is a bit higher than if you have your own fax number, but may be good for single time needs.