Create users and make calls from your business number



Create users for employees so they can make and receive calls from your business phone number.


  • Set up users on IP phones, mobile phones and softphones
  • Assign extensions to users so callers can reach your employees
  • Specify which one of your Telzio phone numbers displays as the caller ID for outbound calls from that user
  • Forward incoming calls to multiple users simultaneously or in sequential order
  • Share the same user for your desk phone and your mobile device so they ring together, or create unique users for each device to customize ring patterns
  • Move users seamlessly across devices and physical locations
  • Create user groups to organize departments and offices


  • Free unlimited users with all plans
  • Instant setup through the Telzio website
  • Personalized voicemails and hold music
  • Free calling between users, even across different physical locations

How to Create Users

Frequently Asked Questions About Users

How do I set up a user?

You can create, edit and delete users on the Users page in your Telzio account. See How to Create a User for more help.

How do I set up an IP phone?

To set up an IP phone to enable inbound and outbound calling, first you need to create a user. Once you create a user, you will get the login credentials needed to log into the IP phone. See our support pages for help on setting up IP phones.

How do I set up voicemail for a user?

You can access the voicemail settings for a user directly through the user’s phone by dialing their three-digit extension.