Voicemail Transcription

Receive voicemail as text, so you can save time on playing back messages.

An illustration of a voicemail being transcribed into an email format.

What can I do with Voicemail Transcription?

  • Receive voicemail as text.
  • Check voicemails on your mobile device and computer.
  • Save time playing back voicemails.
  • Forward a voicemail transcription to a colleague.

Use Case

Receiving Voicemail to Email saves hours of work for front desk and call center operators on checking and distributing messages, and is a tool for anyone looking to save time on checking voicemail. Telzio delivers your voicemail messages transcribed in an email, where you can quickly address it without having to switch to another application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a cost for Voicemail to Email?
    No. Voicemail transcription is included for free as part of your Telzio service.

Features Included in all Plans

Additional Features

  • 1 All inbound text messages are included. You can add outbound text messages to your plan.
  • 2 There is no porting fee for local US numbers. Some toll free and international phone numbers have a porting fee. Contact us to learn more.