Set up personalized voicemails for groups and individuals

FEATURE: Voicemail


Set up personalized voicemails for groups and individuals, and manage messages on your phone or online.


Call Recording
  • Set up voicemails for departments and employees
  • Record or upload a personalized greeting through Telzio’s website
  • Get voicemail to email and listen to messages in your web browser
  • Manage messages in Telzio’s online dashboard


  • Voicemail to email
  • Personalized greetings
  • Missed calls on your mobile phone will send callers to your business voicemail separate from your cellular voicemail


  • Transcription of voicemail
    • Startup Plan: $0.35/minute
    • Standard Plan: $0.13/minute
    • Pro Plan: $0.08/minute

Overview of Using Telzio's Small Business VoIP System

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Voicemail

How do I set up voicemail?

You can set up voicemail for groups in the call flow editor of your Telzio account online, or you can access voicemail settings for individual users by dialing the user’s three-digit extension directly into their phone.

Can I record a custom voicemail greeting?

Yes. You can record a custom voicemail greeting by uploading a file or recording directly into the call flow editor, or by dialing into the voicemail settings for a user on their phone and speaking into the receiver.

How many voicemail boxes come with my account?

Since you have an unlimited number of users and call forwarding groups with your account, you also have an unlimited number of voicemail boxes.

How many voicemails can I keep in my account?

You can store an unlimited number of voicemail messages in your Telzio account.