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Los Angeles Area Codes

Telzio provides phone numbers from all local Los Angeles area codes including 310, 323, 818 and 213. Browse phone numbers on our site or write us on the chat and we’ll help you locate the number you want.

Flower Shop Owner in Los Angeles

Can I keep my existing Los Angeles phone number?

You can port any existing phone number to Telzio - free of charge. There is no downtime during the porting process.

Depending on your existing carrier, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to several days to complete the number transfer. In the meantime, you can set up your phone system with Telzio so when the porting is complete, you do not miss any incoming calls.

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Local, Standard & Toll Free Numbers

In addition to local Los Angeles phone numbers, Telzio provides local numbers throughout the US and toll free numbers, including 888, 866, 877 and 855 numbers.

Telzio also provides 800 numbers with a one-time fee to purchase the number. Just write us on the chat to let us know what numbers you need.

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Professional Features

All phone numbers come with professional features like call forwarding, phone menus, conference calling, call screening, call recording, caller ID, voicemail, business hour filters, and hold music.

With flexible plans as low as $1 per month, Telzio makes it easy for businesses of any size to set up a complete business phone system instantly.

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