Test Your Internet Connection

Take the test to see if your internet connection
is fast enough for VoIP.

Accuracy of the Test

Due to the nature of tests like these and internet connections in general, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy from the numbers above. Our test will in most cases be reasonably accurate for you to make an informed estimate as to how many calls your line supports. There are, however, several factors that influence the numbers that this tool can measure.

Please read the sections below to learn more about how to get the most out of the information provided.

VoIP and Bandwidth

Today, most internet connections are by far strong enough to handle VoIP calls. But needless to say, it does depend on where in the world you live. While a good internet connection most places in the US is considered to be around 3 mbit, a good connection in an IT country like Denmark is around 300 mbit. However, both connections can handle VoIP calls.

A VoIP call typically takes up about 80 kbps. 1 mbit is equal to 1,000 kbit. So theoretically you could make around 37 VoIP calls simultaneously on a 3 mbit internet connection.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Another consideration is other activity you have on your network. Most routers today have a feature called QoS, which stands for Quality of Service. This function allows you to prioritize your internet connection’s data, and tell it to make sure there’s always room enough for VoIP calls, and slow down other activity while a call is going on.

Look in your router’s manual to see if it supports QoS.

Mobile Internet

As mobile internet connections have become faster and more available, the ability to make VoIP calls has also increased. While the quality still depends on the connection, you may find that in major cities, you will have plenty of bandwidth to make calls.

Remember, that when you make calls from your cell phone, you will only be making one simultaneous call. This means, that all you need is a stable 128 kbps connection. Most 4G LTE connections are between 5 mbit (5,000 kbit) to 50 mbit (50,000 kbps).

However, you may hear some slight delay in the audio when talking. This is related to the nature of wireless internet and the higher ping times that comes with it.