Call Barge

Call Barge enables managers to barge into agents' calls and talk to both the agent and the caller. Call Barge is included with your Telzio service at no extra cost. 

In this article, you'll learn how to activate Call Barge for Users and how to barge into calls. 

Enable Call Barge

Call Barge is a feature related to Call Monitoring. In order to use Call Barge, Call Monitoring must be enabled. 

  1. Navigate to the Users page from your Telzio Dashboard
  2. Select the User you want to give Call Monitoring capabilities
  3. Under Permissions, select Call Monitoring

How to Barge Into Calls

To barge into a call you first have to join the call. Follow these steps to join a call and start talking. 

  1. Dial 000 + the extension of the agent whose call you wish to barge into.
  2. Once connected, you'll be in 'Monitor' mode, where you can hear them but they can't hear you. 
  3. Press 6 to barge into the call, where everyone on the call can hear you. 
  4. Press 5 to go into 'Whisper' mode, where only the agent can hear you. 
  5. Press 4 to go back to 'Monitor' mode. 

You can switch between 'Monitor', 'Whisper', and 'Barge' modes during the call.