Call Logs

Call Logs contain a detailed record of all your incoming and outgoing calls. You can manage, filter, and export a detailed list of all your calls in the Call Logs section of your Dashboard. From the Call Log, you can listen to Call Recordings and Voicemail, and find detailed information such as:

  • what option the caller selected in the Phone Menu,
  • which User answered the call,
  • who hung up the call, and
  • the number of minutes used.

Here are a few important notes about Call Logs:

  • Only Account Owners, Administrators, and Users with Permission have access to view Call Logs. You can update Permissions in the Users section of your Dashboard.
  • The Call Log includes a history of all your call activity across all Users and Phone Numbers.
  • You can Filter the Call Log by Phone Number, Inbound/Outbound, and Date.
  • You can export the Call Log in his current view as an excel file by clicking on the download link at the bottom of the page.