Call Parking

Call Parking enables you to place a call on hold, and pick up any other phone in your organization to resume the same call.

In this article, you’ll learn how to park a call.

Simple Call Parking

  1. When you’re on an active call, hit Transfer.
  2. Dial 40, and hit Attended Transfer.
  3. Before you hang up, listen for the announcement with the extension where the call is parked.
    For example, the extension may be 41. If there are multiple calls parked, the extension may be 42, or 43. 
  4. Pick up any phone in your organization, and dial the extension to resume the call.

You can also configure the multi-purpose keys on your IP phones as designated Call Parking extensions, or “parking lots”. Refer to your user manual guide to learn how to program the multi-purpose keys on your device.


Parking on Grandstream GXP21xx Phones

  1. Log on to your phone’s configuration page, by entering it’s IP address in your web browser’s address field. The phone’s default username and password is “admin”.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” > “Programmable Keys” > “Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys”.
  3. Edit or add a key, and set the following:
    – Mode: Monitored Call Park
    – Description: Park 1
    – Value: park99999x1 (Substitute 99999 with your account number. You can find your account number on the Account Settings page).

  4. Continue Step #3 for as many parking lots you want, by setting the last part of the value, to the parking lot number you want to configure. For example, set park99999x2 to configure parking lot #2 for account number 99999.