• Call Barge

    Call Barge enables managers to barge into agents' calls and talk to both the agent and the caller.

  • Call Destinations

    Learn how to set up Call Destinations for your Telzio phone number, and route your business calls to users and groups in any location.

  • Call Flip

    Learn how to use Call Flip to switch devices during an active call on your Telzio phone system.

  • Getting Started with Calling

    Learn how to start calling with your Telzio phone system. Start calling right away with Telzio's free mobile app, or use a softphone or IP phone.

  • Call Monitoring

    Learn how to enable Call Monitoring for your managers and allow them to listen in on agents' calls.

  • Call Parking

    Learn how to park a call with your Telzio phone system. Call parking enables you to place a call on hold so another user can resume the call from any phone.

  • Call Recording

    About Call Recording Call Recording is an included feature with your Telzio service. You can playback and download recordings on the Call Recordings page from your Telzio Dashboard. You can record calls a few different ways: Record all incoming calls to a phone number, department, or office.

  • Call Whisper

    Call Whisper enables managers to listen in on agents' calls and speak to the agent without the customer knowing.

  • Inbound Calling

    Learn how to receive calls with your Telzio phone number. Use the Telzio mobile app, or any softphone or IP phone with Telzio.

  • Intercom

    Learn how to enable intercom calling with your Telzio phone system. You can use existing IP phones for intercom calling without other hardware.

  • Internal Calling

    Learn about extension to extension calling with Telzio. Internal calling is free with your Telzio service.

  • International Calling

    Learn how to make international calls from your Telzio phone number.

  • List of Dial Codes

    Dial Codes consist of 2 to 6 digit numbers that you can enter on your phone to execute features like blocking your caller ID, paging other Users, and signing in and out of Queues.

  • Outbound Calling

    Learn how to make outgoing calls with your Telzio phone system. Use any IP phone, softphone, or the Telzio mobile app.

  • Paging

    Learn how to enable paging with your Telzio phone system. Using existing IP phones, you can page other extensions and make announcements.

  • Queue Management

    How to use the queue management page in the Telzio dashboard.

  • Spam Filter

    How to use Telzio's Spam Filter to block unwanted calls to your business.

  • Call Transfer

    Learn how to transfer calls with your Telzio phone service. You can transfer calls to other extensions, phone numbers, and directly to voicemail.