Getting Started with Calling

Telzio enables you to start making calls with your Telzio number right away with our mobile app, a softphone or IP phone. You can connect Telzio to mobile devices and desk phones across your company, and use them in any location.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of phones you can use with your Telzio service and how to get started.

Before you get started, here are a few important notes:

  • Telzio is an internet-based phone service, which means that you can use your phone number anywhere you have connectivity.
  • You’ll need a User before you can set up your phone. Users are included with your Telzio service, so you can create as many Users as you need for your employees at no extra charge.
    Learn more about creating a User.
  • A single User can be connected to multiple devices with their Telzio account.
  • You can have multiple simultaneous calls going on a single Telzio number, which means all of your employees can make calls from the same number at the same time, and incoming callers won’t reach a busy signal.


In order to make calls with your Telzio number, you’ll first need to create a User for your system. Users enable you to provide employees with an extension or direct number from where they can make calls and a simple login that gives them access to their Telzio service.

If you have multiple phone numbers on your account, you can specify the Outbound Phone Number for each User, which will be displayed as the User’s caller ID when they dial out and be the associated plan where any outbound usage will count.

Once you create a User, you can start making calls with our mobile app.

Learn more about Getting Started with Users.

Mobile App

Telzio’s mobile app is the easiest and fastest way to start calling with your Telzio service. The app is free to download, and can be used with your data and wifi connection.

Employees can use the app to make and receive calls with your Telzio number using their mobile device. You can also automate routing of inbound calls to employees on the mobile app through a phone menu, call queue, or direct transfer. 

When you create a User for an employee, they’ll receive a username and password enabling them to log into the app. Their username and password is all the User needs to log into the app. Once the User is logged in, there’s no other configuration needed to begin making calls.

Important notes about the mobile app:

  • You do not have to keep the app open or running in the background to receive calls.
  • Incoming calls are pushed to your device so you can answer calls with one touch.
  • In addition to the caller’s ID, the text “Telzio Audio” will display on your screen so you know the call is coming through the app.
  • Users can be logged into multiple devices, so employees can use both the mobile app and an IP phone.

Download the app for iPhone and Android

Learn more about Getting Started with the Mobile App.

IP Phones

IP phones include desk, wireless, and conference phones that can be used with your Telzio service. IP phones function similarly to traditional desk phones, but instead of connecting to a landline jack, they connect to a router or adapter to run through your internet service.

You can order preconfigured IP phones from our shop that arrive ready for calling, or follow our step-by-step guides to configure your existing IP phones.

Important notes about IP phones:

  • You can purchase IP phones pre-configured from the Telzio shop, which arrive ready for calling with the User and extension already programmed into the phone.
  • You can configure your existing IP phones by following our step-by-step setup guides.
    *It’s important to note that we can only provide limited support on phones that are not purchased from our shop. 
    Browse our IP phone setup guides for Grandstream.
    Browse our IP phone setup guide for Cisco.
    Browse our IP phone setup guides for Polycom.
  • In order to make sure your existing IP phones will work with Telzio, make sure they have not been locked by a previous carrier.
  • You should always do a factory reset and update the firmware before you configure an existing IP phone with your new Telzio service.
  • Once your IP phone is configured, you can move it around and use it in any location.
  • All SIP compatible phones work with Telzio.

Browse the Telzio Shop for IP phones now, or contact us for help finding the right phone for your business.