Create and host Conference calls with your Telzio service. With Telzio Conference, you can host an unlimited number of participants on a single Conference call, and initiate Conference calls from any location. With Telzio Conference, you can add Conference as an option to any existing phone number, or maintain a dedicated phone number for regular Conference calls.

In this article, you’ll learn how to configure Conferencing with your Telzio service.

Before you get started, here are a few important notes:

  • Callers can dial into a Conference call from any location or phone number. You do not need to have internet connectivity for your Conference call to be live.
  • Each external participant on a Conference call counts as usage towards your plan. (i.e. 3 callers for 10 minutes = 30 minutes). 
  • Telzio Users can dial into a Conference for free by dialing the extension of the Call Flow, as internal calling between extensions does not count towards your plan usage. 
  • You can create an unlimited number of separate Conferences as part of your Telzio service.


When we talk about Conference, we use some terminology that you should familiarize yourself with before you get started.

  • Call Flow
    The arrangement of features and settings used to automate inbound calls.
  • Actions
    Features in a Call Flow with instructions on how calls are routed, such as Conference.
  • Pin
    The 4 digit access code to grant entry into the Conference call.

Follow these steps to add Conference rooms to your Telzio service:

  1. Navigate to your Call Flows.
  2. Click on the desired Call Flow to open its settings.
    You can send callers directly to a Conference when they dial your phone number, or you can set it as an option in your Phone Menu (i.e. Press 5 to be connected to a Conference call). 
  3. Click Add Action, and select Conference.
  4. Give your Conference a name, so you can identify it later. (Optional)

  5. Record a custom greeting, upload an audio file, or use the default greeting provided.
    If you have issues recording, visit our troubleshooting guide on recording greetings
  6. Press the play button to hear the greeting.
  7. Type in a 4 digit Pin code to grant access to the Conference call, or use the one provided.
  8. Specify a Room Name for the Conference, to help you identify it later, or use the one provided.
  9. Click the X button to remove a Conference, and click Add Room to add more Conferences.
  10. Click Update.
  11. Assign a phone number to route callers to the Conference on the Plans and Numbers page.
    Learn more about setting inbound call destinations.
  12. Provide callers with the phone number and Pin, and you’re ready to start Conferencing.