Getting Started with IP Phones

Telzio enables you to use numerous different types of office phones with your service, including desk, wireless, and conference phones. Telzio provides an internet-based phone service, which means that office phones are powered by your existing internet connection, and using IP phones is recommended.

IP phones function similar to traditional office phones, except IP phones connect to a router or adaptor to run through your internet service, as opposed to traditional phones that connect to a landline telephone jack. Any SIP compatible IP phone will work with Telzio, such as phones from Yealink, Grandstream, Cisco, and Polycom. IP phones come in a wide range of price points and functionality, and we’re happy to provide recommendations on the best phones for your business.

You can purchase preconfigured IP phones from our shop that arrive ready for calling, and use existing IP phones and configure them by following our step-by-step support guides. It’s important to note that we can only provide limited support on phones that are not purchased directly from our shop.

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Before you get started with an IP phone, you need to have a Telzio user.
Learn more about Getting Started with Users.


General IP Phone Settings

Telzio provides support guides and resources for specific types of IP phones, and you can also follow this guide to help you get started with setting up an IP phone.

User ID Enter the username for the user.
i.e. johnsmith
Do not include “sip” or”
Password Enter the password for the user.
SIP Port 5060
Display Name Enter the name you want displayed when making calls to other IP phones.
Codec G711u
You can select more than one codec in many cases. Use G711u as the default codec that will be applied first.
RTP Packet Size 0.020ms
Registration Expire 3600 seconds
You can lower the number in the case of poor connectivity or on wireless devices.

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