Spam Call Blocking

Spam Call Blocking is a feature from Telzio that helps prevent unwanted telemarketers from reaching your business. Using an automated API system that pulls data about phone numbers, Telzio is able to detect how likely a call is to be spam. Based on this ‘spam likelihood’, Telzio then blocks calls from that number from reaching your phone system.

In this article, you’ll learn how to enable Spam Call Blocking on your Telzio phone system.

How to Enable Spam Call Blocking

You can enable and disable Spam Call Blocking anytime on any of your Telzio phone numbers, so there’s no commitment if you decide to turn off the feature.

Follow these steps to enable Spam Call Blocking:

  1. Navigate to your Plans & Numbers page.
  2. Click on the phone number where you want to enable Spam Blocking.
  3. Click Enable, under Spam Call Blocking.
  4. Choose the intensity level of spam blocking. We recommend starting with Standard and increasing it to Aggressive if you’re still receiving Spam Calls.
  5. Click Enable to save your settings.

How to Whitelist Phone Numbers

To avoid having specific numbers blocked by the spam filter, you can add them to a whitelist.