Update Payment Method

Change Credit Card

  1. Go to Billing 
    Note: You must be logged in as Account Owner or Administrator to access this page.

  2. Under the section "Add Credits", select "Credit Card".
  3. Click on "Remove" next to the credit card you want to remove from your account.
  4. Make a deposit using your new credit card, by entering your card details and pressing "Add Credits".
  5. Your new card has now been saved and can be used for future payments as well as the Auto Recharge feature.


Update Auto Recharge

Follow these steps to make changes to which card Telzio uses for auto recharge.

  1. First, turn on the Auto Recharge function by flipping the ON/OFF switch.

  2. From the "Credit Card" drop-down, select which card you want to use.
  3. Press "Update Arrangement".