Data Sub-Processors, version 3. Effective from Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Data Sub-Processors

Telzio uses certain third party vendors to assist in providing Telzio's services. A sub-processor is a third party vendor hired by Telzio who agrees to receive personal identifiable data from Telzio indented for processing to be carried out on behalf of Telzio's customers. As we add new services that require sub-processing, we will update the list below. For more information on Telzio's privacy practices, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Sub-Processor Type of Data Purpose
AWS User data Cloud service provider
Carriers, CLECs, and carrier aggregators Call and message data PSTN and messaging connectivity
Close User data and data about individuals reaching out to Telzio CRM platform
Google User data Cloud service provider
Stripe User data Payment processing provider
Zoom User data when shared in spoken words Video conferencing system
Adobe User data eSignatures
The Campaign Registry User data Information hub that allows to register 10DLC messaging campaigns User data Automation of email delivery
Sendgrid User data Automation of email delivery