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All of the features and none of the headache.

Get all 50+ features from day one and easily customize them as your needs grow.

An example of the Telzio mobile application

Mobile integration

Our mobile app provides your employees and remote workers the features they need to work productively. Integrate mobile devices and give your teams the freedom to work from anywhere.

Web configuration

Log into our website to manage all your services and telephone communications. You don’t need to purchase any hardware or download any programs on your computer to use Telzio.

Example of the Telzio dashboard

device_hub Automated call management

Streamline the process of routing incoming calls with features like phone menus, call queues, and call forwarding groups, and get all the everyday tools your business needs to handle calls.

people Team collaboration

Enable your teams to collaborate, tag, and comment on items that needs attention and make sure that all your important calls and messages get answered.

Unlimited users and extensions

You can instantly add, edit, and delete users from your system. Unlimited users are included as part of your Telzio service, so you have total flexibility to scale your phone system as you grow.

Learn more about Users.

An example of listed users from the Telzio console

Business Phone System Features Overview