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Small business phone system with big features

Internet-based phone services with a full suite of professional features for small businesses. User friendly with modern functionality.

Telzio Mobile App

Customizable flows

The easiest way to set up a phone system

Our call flows will have you up and running with a complete business phone system in 5 minutes.

Hands-on support

Expect great customer service from our team, dedicated specialists who know your account, and fast response times you can count on.

Intuitive features

Our interface is designed so that you never have to call a technician to make a change to your phone system. It's so easy, you can do it yourself.

Transparent pricing

Only pay for what you use, and not for the number of users. Our disruptive pricing model delivers maximum cost savings and scalability.

Remote flexibility

All you need is an internet connection to use Telzio. Web and mobile apps provide calling and collaboration tools for working anywhere.

Versa’s biggest challenge was managing their prior phone system. Even minor changes or adding new users required waiting for a technician to visit on site.

A woman standing by a desk from Versa Products.
Communicating with our customers is now much more efficient and organized, and we reduced our cost by over 52%.
Nathan Endow
IT Director at Versa Products

Telzio provided a user-friendly interface where Versa Products was able to set up a new and improved phone system, port in their toll free and local phone numbers, and onboard 140 users.

They configured phone menus, queues for each team, and schedules to automate inbound customer service calls. They also integrated their CRM to track Telzio call data. Intercom and cordless phones were deployed throughout the facility, as well as desk phones and web phones.

Versa Products went live in 5 days with 140 employees.

Internal communications are now much more efficient, and sales teams are able to better track customer buying experiences and optimize customer service processes.

Whereas before it was necessary to contact a technician for any little change, they can now manage their system through the web browser, where changes are live instantly. In addition, their monthly cost was reduced by 52%.

Ways to communicate

Modern ways to call and text

Telzio provides flexible and feature-rich apps for managing calls and text messages from any location. Full inbound and outbound calling capabilities from any device eliminates the need for other services, so you get an all-in-one solution.

Mobile & web apps

With Telzio, people work from anywhere. Telzio Mobile & Web Apps provide all the professional features for calling and texting conveniently from your mobile device or computer.

Desk phones

Telzio connects seamlessly with desk phones and conference phones. Phones arrive ready-for-calling with full support. You can also bring existing phones, and easily manage all your devices online.

Enhanced solutions for managing communications

Collaboration tools

With features like tagging, commenting, and reassigning, Telzio enables teams to collaborate on managing customer communications such as text messages and voicemails.

Intelligent call filtering

Allow important work calls to come through, and block out the spam. Telzio provides a built-in robocall blocking system that uses machine learning to continuously fend off unwanted calls.

Personalized guidance

Dedicated account management

Regardless of your size, you’ll have a hands-on account manager to provide you with personalized support every step of the way, and a world-class technical support team to help you solve any issue.

Initial scoping

  • Full understanding of your organization's requirements.
  • Unbiased advice when selecting solutions and products.
  • Participation in Q&A meetings with your stakeholders.


  • Tangible plan of action created with you and your team.
  • Assistance with configuration of call flows and features.
  • Online training sessions with your primary stakeholders.


  • Always available for advice on products and features.
  • Single point of contact for ongoing maintenance.
  • Your liaison for escalations of technical support tickets.


  • Your extra eye on spendings as your company grows.
  • Expert knowledge about new products and industry trends.
  • Someone who knows your company and it's requirements.

How it works

Cloud based

By centralizing your company's phone services in the cloud, you give your teams the benefit of always being within reach no matter where they are in the world. IT teams save time on managing on-premise phone systems, all while eliminating traditional phone expenses.

Use any device

For ultimate mobility - you have the mobile app, a browser-based webphone, and WiFi enabled desk phones. Your team has all the options needed to work from anywhere. The only requirement is an internet connection.

With the mobile app, professionals can securely use their business number for calling and texting on their cell phones, while keeping their personal number separate and private.

Zero on-premise equipment

With cutting-edge cloud technology, you no longer have to worry about the maintenance expenses of running an on-premise phone system or managing any hardware.

Telzio provides a reliable cloud-hosted environment that prevents downtime on your phone system, even if your power or network fails. Automatically re-route calls to mobile devices during a failover, and your callers will never notice.

Get peace of mind from our global network of redundant systems, designed for resilience with zero downtime tolerance.

Effortless administration

Through our highly intuitive and grandmother-tested UI, you can easily make modifications to your phone system yourself.

Whether you need to add a user, update a call group, change a routing, or simply update a greeting - you can do it right from the convenience of your computer.


Pricing options to fit your business

Freedom to scale from startup to enterprise - that's what you get with Telzio pricing. Choose between two models that are designed for businesses with different needs.

Bundle minutes & texts

Pre-paid plans with fixed usage

Good for businesses with moderate usage and a high number of users, businesses with steady usage, or businesses that are just starting out.

Pay the same amount every month, even as you add more users. Bundled plans provide you with predictable monthly costs.

Includes all features.

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Starting at
for 1,000 minutes, one local phone number, and unlimited users

Committed use

Volume based pricing with bulk discounts

Good for businesses with high volume or international usage.

With a committed use plan, you set your own price. Custom rates for toll free, international, and texting. Scalable pricing provides you with a lower rate the more you spend.

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Starting at
with a $250/month commitment. Includes unlimited users.

Custom needs

If you have a unique project or are planning a special campaign, reach out to learn about our solutions and custom pricing plans.

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Can I keep my phone numbers? 

You can port your existing phone numbers to Telzio with no downtime. The porting process is simple, can be done all online, and is usually takes about 7 to 10 days.


Will my current phones work with Telzio?

You can use existing IP phones with Telzio. If you have analog phones, then they may work with an ATA adaptor. Talk to our sales team for recommendations.


Do I need to keep my landline to use Telzio? 

No. You only need internet to use Telzio, and a landline is no longer necessary. Once you port your phone numbers over to Telzio, you can cancel your landline service.


When is support available? 

Our live technicians are available from 5am to 5pm PST, and critical response teams are standing by 24/7 by email.

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