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Tech Companies Love Telzio

Tech, media, and internet businesses are thrilled about Telzio, and have a special appreciation for our modern design and intuitive, self-service platform.

Tech companies already using Telzio

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Set up your phone system
in minutes.

Configure your phone system right through your web browser. Our ultra intuitive dashboard enables you to be up and running instantly.

Scale with ease

Zero friction to add services. Customize and manage services effortlessly on our website.

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  • Telzio API
  • vTiger
  • Webhooks
  • Zapier

International numbers

Manage all your phone operations on our website and unify all your offices under one account.

List of all the countries supported by Telzio.

A quote from one of our happy customers

It was very important to work with someone who could guarantee the quality of service to our standards, and Telzio has given us that. Telzio was the best choice we could make in terms of cost, flexibility, and scalability. That combination made it a no-brainer for us.

Seth Althoff, Managing Director at BOND