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Jennifer Chen

August 1, 2017

3 Tools for Managing Company Text Messages

Telzio provides modern communication tools for managing business SMS.

customers want to be able to respond to your company’s texts and engage in a conversation.

According to research from Twilio:

While 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands, only 48% of global businesses have SMS tools in place to meet this customer demand.

Top reasons customers want to text message a business is to:

  1. Reply to order confirmations
  2. Reply to appointment reminders
  3. Give product or service feedback
  4. Learn about new products
  5. Rate or respond to a survey
The good thing is you don’t need to hire a programmer to start implementing SMS tools into your business phone system.

The Telzio web portal makes it easy to manage and respond to text messages and even gives your teams the ability to collaborate on texts with forwarding and internal commenting capabilities.

Without any programming or technical setup requirements, you can route company text messages to a person or team, and enable your people to manage SMS conversations from anywhere.

Here are just 3 of the SMS tools available with Telzio.

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1. Inbound SMS Routing

Inbound SMS Destination
With a few clicks, you can route all your incoming text messages to a specific person or team.

For example, you can route all new incoming text messages on your main business line to an office manager, who can respond to inquiries or forward the text message on to another person in the company.

Or, you can route all new text messages on your customer support hotline to your customer service team (who can be working remotely and manage their texts from any location).

2. User Dashboard

Employees can log into their own version of the Telzio Dashboard to manage their calls, voicemail, text messages, and faxes. You can give Users different permission levels, allowing them to manage certain aspects of your phone system like billing, call logs, and other Users.

When you first log in, the User Dashboard displays an overview of the latest activity, where items can be managed promptly as they arrive.

The Telzio Dashboard contains all your text messages, where you can quickly preview, sort, and manage multiple SMS conversations.

3. Commenting and Reassigning

Telzio enables your teams to collaborate on text messages through the Dashboard, so incoming text messages can be organized, distributed, and resolved.

Let’s say, for example, a new potential client has texted your business and asked to move their appointment.

Telzio’s Reassign tool allows you to transfer an entire SMS conversation and subsequent replies to another user.

Once Stanley Reassigns the text message to Rafael, Rafael will be able to see the history of the conversation, and new responses will go directly to Rafael.

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Unlimited Internal Texting

As a last note, you can encourage your teams to text message each other more, because user-to-user communication within your organization is included.

Calling and texting between users in your company is included with your Telzio service .

Remote employees who work out of the office also have unlimited texting and calling with your on-site staff. Regardless of location, communication between your users is included and doesn’t affect your plans.