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Desk Phones

Easy activation of existing phones, and new office phones delivered ready-for-calling. Deploy desk phones remotely, and manage all your devices online.

Yealink desk phone with Telzio.

About desk phones

Internet-powered office phones

Telzio provides reliable and modern office phones that work with your existing internet connection. Our team diligently hand-selects the best office phones for all calling types. Phones arrive ready-for-calling, and you get unlimited technical support for you and your users.

You can keep your existing phones and use them with Telzio. We automatically provision Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, and Grandstream phones. Plug it in, watch it boot up, and start dialing. Devices are managed through our dashboard, enabling 100% remote administration.

Receptionist phones

Manage up to 16 lines on one phone, and add expansion modules for high-volume front desk and call center needs.

Conference phones

Bring an existing conference phone to use with Telzio, or browse our selection of high-quality conference phones.

Intercom & paging

Set up intercom and paging systems for warehouse and production facilities, and integrate with office phones.

Cordless phones

Use cordless phones for stores and restaurants where employees are on their feet and need mobility.

How it works

End-to-end desk phone solutions and support

Whether you're new to IP phones or bringing your own, we're here to help. We have a range of options for small business to executive needs, and our team can help you find the right fit. Phones arrive preconfigured with your extensions and phone numbers, and all you have to do is connect them.

You can deploy desk phones in separate locations, and maintain all devices on the same system. Telzio desk phones are location-agnostic, enabling remote team members to use the same phone numbers from different locations.


Select devices

Visit our shop to browse desk phones, conference phones, cordless phones, and headsets. Talk to our sales team for recommendations and pricing.


Import users

Save time with our auto-provisioning capabilities. Apply group and universal settings, and manage all your users and devices online.


Declutter cables

Get phones with Power over Ethernet and WiFi capabilities. Avoid downtime during a power outage, and accommodate working from home.


Integrate mobile

Enable remote flexibility. Desk phones integrate seamlessly with our web and mobile apps for a unified experience across devices.



What's an IP phone?

An IP phone, or VoIP phone, uses internet protocol to transmit phone calls rather than through landlines.


Which IP phones work with Telzio?

All SIP devices are compatible with Telzio. You can bring existing IP phones, and browse our shop for new phones.


Can I use my landline phones with Telzio?

Yes. You can use an ATA adaptor to convert your landline phone into an IP phone.


What is Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is a feature on IP phones that draws power from the internet connection, thus eliminating the need for a power supply cord. During a power outage, PoE enables office phones to stay connected.

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