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Telzio Dashboard

Intuitive web interface where you can effortlessly manage your phone system and call center. Empower teams with collaboration, monitoring, and management tools.

About Telzio's dashboard

One portal to manage it all

Telzio is ideal for companies looking to minimize expenses and streamline systems. Our website is your gateway to managing powerful features and call center solutions, without the on-premise hardware or complex setup requirements.

The Telzio Dashboard is the daily command center that enables communications to be managed in one place. Incoming calls, messages, and faxes are displayed on the dashboard instantly, so customer conversations can be promptly handled.

Effortless configuration

Set up and manage all of your Telzio phone services, including phone numbers, features, and user extensions.

Customizable features

Set up phone menus, custom greetings, advanced routing rules, hold music, call queues, conference bridges, and more.

Remote access

View and manage call activity, voicemails, text messages, call recordings, and faxes anytime through your browser.

Internal collaboration

Collaborate on calls and message threads with intuitive tools like commenting, tagging, and reassigning.

How it works

Carefully designed to save you time

The Telzio Dashboard was designed with the non-technical user in mind. Everything you need to manage your Telzio phone service is right in your web browser - from configuring phone numbers to responding to text messages.

It's easy to configure and manage your phone system on your own. Everything you need to build auto attendants, queues, and call groups can be done with no product training at all. What's more, the dashboard is a daily command center where users can collaborate on voicemails, text messages, call recordings, and faxes with other employees.



Who can access the Telzio Dashboard?

All Account Administrators and Users can access the Telzio Dashboard, with access to different parts of your service depending on their permission levels. You can designate account administrators, and assign different permissions levels to users. Regular users can view and manage their own individual phone activity, such as voicemail, text messages, and faxes, and employees can update their personal user details such as an avatar, hold music, and availability.

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