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Call Center View

Telzio provides a real-time display of call activity on your phone system where you can watch live as calls come in. Get instant oversight of how call centers are performing and live monitoring of agents from any location.

About call center view

Live call center dashboard

Telzio's Call Center View is a live dashboard with queue metrics, agent status, and active calls. New calls appear instantly on your screen, where you can watch in real-time as the call gets routed to an agent. You'll see details about the call including what queue they reached, how long it's been on hold, and how many other calls are holding in that queue.

Get complete visibility and statistics on your call centers with the tools to take action. The dashboard provides knowledge that enables call center managers to allocate resources more effectively and improve handling of customer service calls.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.

Queue metrics

Live call center data that tells you how long callers are waiting, how many agents are on the phone, and more.

Agent monitoring

Supervise agents and leverage our call monitoring tools to provide support and training on customer service calls.

Real-time updates

Our call center dashboard continuously updates in real-time. New calls and status changes appear instantly.

Web based

Log in from any location, and get complete oversight and management of call centers through the browser.

How it works

Modernize call centers

Telzio provides a full suite of cloud-based call center software solutions. Startups and enterprises of all sizes use Telzio for inbound and outbound calling, phone number services, and call center management tools. There's no hardware required, and our dashboard enables easy and remote management.

Our model enables companies to scale up in team size and call volume quickly and cost effectively. You can add as many users as you need to at no additional cost, and activate the call center view for authorized people. Add agents to queues and the call center dashboard updates instantly. Make your first Telzio call, and watch your phone system live in action.



What kind of call statistics are shown?

The call center dashboard displays data such as current number of callers waiting, average hold times, number of active calls, and number of agents available.


Can I restrict access to the call center dashboard?

Yes. You can assign user permissions with Telzio and activate the call center dashboard for authorized team members such as call center managers and supervisors.

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