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User Roles & Permissions

Give administrators and supervisors the access they need to manage services and teams, and restrict regular users from accessing certain parts of your phone system such as billing and call records.

About roles and permissions

Assign user permissions & administrator roles

With Telzio you can organize your users into groups and provide administrative access where needed. Add user permissions when you create an extension for an employee, and instantly revoke or add to them anytime.

Grant department heads access to specific sections of your system. Accounting supervisors can have access to billing, sales supervisors can have access to call monitoring, and call center managers can have access to call recordings.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.

Create users

Instantly create users and assign permissions via remote configuration from the Telzio Dashboard.

Customize roles

Assign specific permissions and access to sections of the dashboard for each user based on their job duties.

Restrict access

User permissions enables you to restrict sensitive parts of your phone system to approved users only.



How do user permissions work?

User permissions enable a user to use a certain feature or access a certain part of your phone system. When a user doesn't have permission, that feature won't display for the user, so it doesn't disrupt the user's experience.


What are the standard permissions?

You can grant users permission to access call recordings, billing, call flows, call logs, plans & numbers, users, and call monitoring. Without these permissions, regular users see only the calling and messaging activity from their own extension.

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